What is a Network of the Movement of the Supernatural?

The Network of the Movement of the Supernatural is a worldwide network of churches and ministries that seek to bring the reality of a supernatural God to this generation. A God of miracles, signs and wonders, instead of historical facts, are available to your church today! The Network of the Movement of the Supernatural will equip and activate you under a spiritual leadership to move in the power and revelation that God is releasing for this time.




6. Your church or ministry cannot have been established as a result of a division..

7. The senior pastors of the church applying for covering must have a good personal and ministerial testimony. 

8. You must preach sound doctrine and demonstrate continuous growth and fruit in both the spiritual and the natural. 

9. The main objective to seek our covering should be, first and foremost, to go to another level in order to establish and advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. 

10. Adopt, implement and develop the Vision of this House.

11. Email all documents to (Brandon@nbcfc.org.za)

1. Provide copy of your Certificate of Ordination / Commissioning into applicable Fivefold office. 

2. Along with your application, attach the legal documents of your church (i.e. Constitution, Statement of Faith, Company Registration CK documents, Memorandum of Incorporation, etc). 

3. Provide digital photos of the senior pastors of the church requesting covering.

4. Because of ministerial ethics, integrity, and respect to the other ministries, no one requesting covering can be under another covering or denomination.

5. Your church should be mature, solid and established